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Monday Roast

Happy St. Paddy’s day! The day where everyone is a little Irish.

Had a fairly good weekend one day of work and one of rest. Had a nice day with Rachelle yesterday going to lunch at Chuy’s then getting some errands done finishing up at Barnes & Noble. All the while the corn beef was simmering on the stove so that it was nearly done when we got home, although after a late lunch that meant a little later dinner for us. 

The dogs were very happy when we returned as dinner was late for them, they are very good dogs there were no mistakes made while we were gone. Whenever it is time to eat the person nearest the food is their best friend.

With this also being Spring Break I will be working to cover the sales floor this week, will be making active choices between leading and selling. I will also need to keep my associate that is leaving engaged in the process I can not afford to have him check out early and not support the objectives of the store.