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I set up this blog back in October and really have not done anything else with it since then.

A little about me, I grew up in sunny Southern California, Spring Valley to be exact. I am an only child and my mom, Annette, got to be both parents for me and she did a fantastic job. Being a parent now I can not imagine all the sacrifices she made for me.

I have taken quite a number of college classes and have a lot of credits that have disappeared, this is a regret that I have as I do not have a degree and it has hurt me on several occasions when I wanted to move forward in my career. My daughter will get her AA this year and Rachelle has her AA as well.

I have worked in lots of businesses from a small private company processing photos in the back of a t-shirt shop, Radio Shack as a sales associate, night watchman for a construction company, warehouse manager for an auto parts supplier, Fuji-Photo as a field service tech and store manager, hardware store throwing freight at night, to a cellular phone provider for the last 13 years in customer service, project management, specialty queues, and sales. I enjoy my work but dedicate far to much of my life to it rather than my family.

I have been married for 25 years to Rachelle and she has stuck by side through it all. We have a daughter Taylor who just turned 20 this year, is in college and going to get her AA this spring then up to OSU, Stillwater to complete her degree in business. I am very proud of her and know that she will be successful in all that she attempts.

I enjoy photography and have been shooting since the 2nd grade when I got my first Kodak Instamatic camera. I am not the greatest and that is probably because for me it is the fun of being out shooting rather than the benefit of actually shooting. I also enjoy music and have volunteered with productions all throughout high school and even as an adult with the Jr. High band Taylor played in at church. I have come to really enjoy BBQ on my Big Green Egg and the way that people eat the food I cook I will assume that I am adequate, at least no one has died.

I will attempt to post to this blog on a regular basis but I have tried that before, success is always just one more post away.

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